President Wang Cheng meets with President of the Kyrgyzstan Foreign Affairs University

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On July 8th, President of Kyrgyzstan Foreign Affairs University, Ai Cte Mu Mirza Jef, was invited to visit Lanzhou University, President Wang Cheng and Vice President Pan Baotian met the guests at the VIP room of Science Museum. During the meeting, Wang Cheng introduced briefed LZU to guests.
Ai Cte Mu Mirza Jef introduced the education system and academic disciplines of Kyrgyzstan Foreign Affairs University , and he hoped to promote various forms of cooperation between two universities and invited president Wang Cheng to visit Kyrgyzstan Foreign Affairs University.
     Both presidents agreed that education cooperation is the foundation of other forms of cooperation. The two universities will make full use of initiative of the Silk Road Economic Belt to promote further cooperation.