Vice Chancellor of the Bonn University, Germany, Professor Armin B. Cremers Visited Lanzhou University

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An Lizhe,vice president of Lanzhou University, met professor Armin B. Cremers, vice chancellor of Bonn University, Germany on July 21. The relative person from International Office and the School of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology Department also attended the meeting. 
During the meeting, An Lizhe gave a brief introduction to Lanzhou University, i.e. the dominant discipline and the situation of international exchanges. He said that LZU has attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with German universities, hoping the vice Chancellor, Cremers's visit can promote cooperation on personnel training, scientific research, teacher training and other fields between two universities in the future .

Cremers briefly introduced the basic situation of the Bonn University. He believed there are many similarities and broad cooperation areas between the two universities hoping two universities can gradually strengthen personnel exchanges and scientific cooperation in the future to open a newera in inter-university cooperation.
During the visit, Cremers, the vice Chancellor and Jens Léon, the dean of the school of Agriculture gave academic reports for the teachers and students in our School of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology respectively, and organized the exchange forum on research cooperation.