We attended China Center on SCO Universities Meeting

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On December 13, 2013, the inauguration ceremony of China Center of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Universities as well as the first academic annual conference was held in Qiongzhou College in Hainan.
Wang Yuhua, the deputy secretaries-general of Secretariat of SCO Region Studies on China side and Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office gave a speech at the invitation. He delivered a work report since we had access to SCO Region Studies, and then he expressed his intention to strengthen the cooperation and development between China and foreign universities on the base of the organization.
The academic annul conference lasts 2 days. In the conference, representatives have a discussion on the hot topic that come from “Sino-Russian Relation Issues”, “Regional Studies Disciplines and Definition of Major or Curriculum”, “The Spirit of Russian Humanities”,”The Trigonal Relations among China, Russian and America”, “Russian Teaching in China and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Region Studies” and “Foreign Periodicals and Research Achievement of Region Studies”.
About 30 representatives from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Foreign Languages University, Bejing Normal University,Capital Normal University, Jilin University, Lanzhou University Shandong University, Northeast Normal University, Xinjiang University, Heilongjiang University, Dalian Foreign Languages University and Chinese Academy Social Sciences etc attended the conference.