President Wang Cheng Met Domestic and Foreign Experts Attending the Dunhuang Forum

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President Wang Cheng met domestic and foreign experts who was participating "Dunhuang Forum: Cultural Renaissance on Silk Road” on October 9 afternoon. Officials from International Cooperation and Exchange Office History and Culture Department, Institute of Western environment and climate change, Life Sciences Department and International Cultural Exchange Department also attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Wang Cheng introduced the basic situation, history and subject characteristics of Lanzhou University to the experts . He mentioned, as an important town along the ancient Silk Road, Gansu enjoys a unique advantage in the research on Silk Road; relying on its unique geographical, ecological and cultural advantages, Lanzhou University established and developed a range of special disciplines including Dunhuang Studies, and achieved fruitful results in terms of scientific research and personnel training, which would continue to develop for better. He hoped the participants and experts to take the forum as an opportunity to make good suggestions to the development of the Silk Road Economic Belt and strengthen cooperation with Lanzhou University.
Experts and representatives who attended the meeting shared their expectations for the Dunhuang forum, and expressed willingness to make cooperation with Lanzhou University.