Foreign Teachers and University-level Exchange Students Celebrated Christmas

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On the evening of December 22,2013, Christmas Party which was hosted by International Office and School of Arts of Lanzhou University corporately  held in the Danguiyuan Dining Hall. Vice-President Jing Tao and Pan Baotian as well as foreign teachers and more than 100 university exchange students attended the party
On behalf of the university, Pan Baotian sent sincere greetings and blessings to attendants, gave affirmation to International Office for their fruitful achievements, and paid thanks to foreign teachers for their hard work. What’s more, he encouraged staff in charge of international exchange to strive to move forward to meet more challenges and opportunities in the new year.
Students from School of Arts sang a Qinghai folk song, which attendants experienced diverse Northwestern culture. Some foreign teachers and their families gave a performance too. The party promoted the communication between western and eastern culture and enriched the festive life for foreign teachers and university level exchange students.
The heads of Finance Office and Personnel Office, deans of School of Foreign Languages, International Cultural Exchange and School of Arts together with staff from International Office attended the party.