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Mr. Chi Gang

In charge of global engagement and Confucius Institutes affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8912850   Email: chig@lzu.edu.cn

Deputy Chief

Mr. Gao Hongzhen

In charge of students international exchange affairs, transnational education and foreign experts affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8915303   Email: hongzhen@lzu.edu.cn

Mr. Xu Xihui

In charge of the general affairs, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8915303   Email: xxh@lzu.edu.cn

General Affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8912852    Email: guojichu@lzu.edu.cn

Global Engagement Affairs & Confucius Institute Affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8912076/8915863/8915330    Email: international@lzu.edu.cn

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs  

Tel: 0086-931-8912852    Email: gatb@lzu.edu.cn

Students International Exchange Affairs, Transnatioanl Education & Foreign Experts Affairs

Tel: 0086-931-8915626    Email: gjczhk@lzu.edu.cn


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